Success Rising Worms

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Some kind of worm that bred:
• Lumbricus Rubellus
• Eisenia Feotida / Tiger Worms
• Perionix Worm / Worm Blue
• Worm Africa

Cage Preparation
Earthworms can live on air temperature 20 degrees Celsius and can be farmed in all regions with the optimal humidity for the growth and proliferation of earthworms between 15-30%.

First thing to do in worm farming is the manufacture of tarpaulins or similar enclosure. Cage worms can be made with size 200 x 40 x 60 cm, which made the shelves of high rise, a tarp or shelf. Building enclosure can also be without walls (open structure), model rack that is used among other storied Fishing Racks or Shelves lined Fishing (fishing rod rack is a rack made from tarpaulin or be nested in a row). Read More »



Earthworm Benefits

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Earthworms, was not the animal that is foreign to our society, this animal looks so soft and for some people consider very disgusting. However, these animals have great potential for human life. Earthworms including lower animals because they do not have a spine (invertebrates). In Indonesia, earthworms are known there are three types, namely Africa worms, red worms, tiger worms and worm Necklace.
The role of earthworms actually been known since ancient times. An expert Greece, Aristotle, much attention to earthworms. He called the belly of the earth worm.
In the years 69-30 BC, the beautiful queen Cleopatra who was then ruling in Egypt banned the Egyptian earthworms move out of Egypt, even the farmers are forbidden to touch the worm because in those days regarded as the god of earthworms Fertility. Read More »


Business Opportunities Ornamental Fish Tetra fish species

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Once you are interested in small ornamental fish with an interesting color that you see in the aquarium of your friend or relative?. Maybe some of us like the small size of ornamental fish. We can see more clearly in the stores that sell ornamental fish. Small fish are composed of various types, ranging from fish guppy, hickey or other types. One of the many interesting little fish is tetra fish. The fish has its own beauty that add to the atmosphere of harmony from the aquarium that we see. If we just like the decorative fish, it means that there are market opportunities that we can achieve. The demand for tetra fish will always be there and easy to absorb the market, in addition to the beautiful color and shape, the selling price is relatively cheap tetra fish. Consumer ornamental fish really like fish. Fish are more beautiful if we see in the huddle, it means tetra fish purchases by consumers more than one tail, so the need for very large tetra fish. Read More »


Worm Business

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According to some people worm is a disgusting animal. But who would have thought from this disgusting animal that someone could get billions of money. Do not believe? This is the true story experienced by Ranny Zarman owner of PT Vermindo International, which each month he can get a turnover of about 1 billion more than it produced medicine.
At first he only intended to be a worm farmer, but it was actually delivered on the production of traditional medicine / natural-based worms. He started his business in 1997. Previously he was an official secretary in 1995.
Beginning his business he bought 5 kg of worms from one of his friends in Cibinong, West Java at a price of 200 thousand / kg. Since then, little by little he was building cattle business. In the midst of his efforts that he was exposed to typhoid. And by drinking two drinks powder worms that he has made himself typhus subsided. Since then many sick people, both from the family and neighbors asking him worm powder. Seeing the high demand for typhoid medicine, Ranny seriously interested to pursue the production of traditional medicine of worms in 1997.
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Potential Business Benefits of Fish Feed

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Increased fish farming business, it was not only provides a great advantage to the fish farmers. This business also benefited the fish feed business. Why so? The answer just one, because the fish food is a basic requirement in running a business of fish farming.
All fish farmers need a large enough food supply for each month, usually food is often given of pellets. No wonder that many employers are now in the form of fish feed pellets, which began to appear to capture enough market opportunity potential.
Right now the supply of fish food into different regions is still lacking, other than that if now the price is also quite expensive. Since the day the price rises even more, now only worth about USD $ 1.00/kg. According to some entrepreneurs who have great fish feed, fish feed prices tend to be expensive because they still rely on raw materials imported from abroad. And if they use local ingredients, the price could be cheaper than the price of manufactured feed.
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Make Food Alternative For Catfish

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Catfish are animals are omnivore scavengers and can eat anything, including his own brother 1. Fine bran (carbohydrate)
2. Soy flour (protein)
3. Flour corn (carbohydrate)
4. Snails (protein)
5. Worms (protein)
6. Papaya leaf powder, lamtoro, (proteins and carbohydrates)

How to Make
Just set the composition is not necessarily all, just one of the above,

  1. 1, 2, 3 to constitute 50 : 20 : 30
  2. 1, 2, 4 to constitute 50 : 20 : 30
  3. 1, 2, 5 to constitute 50 : 20 : 30
  4. 1, 2, 6 to constitute 50 : 20 : 30

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Not familiar to us to identify animals on this one, its for the long, slippery and do not have scales like most other fish. Animal life is also different from the mostly live fish swimming in the water, these animals live in the mud and many come out at night. It was a tasty and full of nutrients making eel and eel is not only interested in domestic society, but also abroad. Apart from being a source of protein which is considered as enhancing stamina, eel and eel are also believed to improve health and skin elasticity, normalize blood pressure, prevent eye disease; strengthen your memory and help prevent hepatitis. Overseas, eel and eel centers centralized in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, France and Malaysia, while Indonesia’s central eel was in the area of Yogyakarta, East Java and West Java.
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