Catfish Farming the Cheap

In Catfish on March 29, 2011 by basedorganic Tagged:

This catfish aquaculture business seems to be always beneficial. This is because of the growing public awareness of fish as a source of high protein with an affordable price. Fish become an alternative given the price of meat increasingly expensive.Catfish itself have qualified nutritional value in addition to the savory meat. Catfish containing high protein and bone reinforcing material (calcium) is good for the food of children under five. Also catfish also contain other minerals important to health.

With these facts, then eventually catfish can be used as an attractive business opportunity. Given all this farming catfish always impressed ‘dirty’, now a freshwater fish culture has been developed into a cheaper, cleaner, and promising.

Now for the cultivation of catfish, we have no organic supplements that can help produce catfish more leverage. Because these organic supplements has a function as a guardian of water quality, improve acceleration enlargement catfish seed if mixed with their feed, and reduce the mortality rate of seedlings catfish.


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