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Not familiar to us to identify animals on this one, its for the long, slippery and do not have scales like most other fish. Animal life is also different from the mostly live fish swimming in the water, these animals live in the mud and many come out at night. It was a tasty and full of nutrients making eel and eel is not only interested in domestic society, but also abroad. Apart from being a source of protein which is considered as enhancing stamina, eel and eel are also believed to improve health and skin elasticity, normalize blood pressure, prevent eye disease; strengthen your memory and help prevent hepatitis. Overseas, eel and eel centers centralized in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, France and Malaysia, while Indonesia’s central eel was in the area of Yogyakarta, East Java and West Java.

Nutrition Eels
Eels have a pretty good nutritional value for human health that is as a source of energy and protein sources. Eel energy value 303 kcal / 100 g, higher than the energy value of eggs and beef, which only reached 162 and 207 gr kkal/100 kkal/100gr. Meanwhile, the eel protein content of about 18.4 g/100 g, higher than the egg which only 12.8 gr/100 gr. Proteins in the eel is also rich in amino acids that have some good qualities such as Leucine and isoleucine are essential amino acids that are needed for children’s growth and maintain nitrogen equilibrium in adults, but it is also useful for breaking and formation of muscle protein. source: Prof.. DR. Made Astawan


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