Potential Business Benefits of Fish Feed

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Increased fish farming business, it was not only provides a great advantage to the fish farmers. This business also benefited the fish feed business. Why so? The answer just one, because the fish food is a basic requirement in running a business of fish farming.
All fish farmers need a large enough food supply for each month, usually food is often given of pellets. No wonder that many employers are now in the form of fish feed pellets, which began to appear to capture enough market opportunity potential.
Right now the supply of fish food into different regions is still lacking, other than that if now the price is also quite expensive. Since the day the price rises even more, now only worth about USD $ 1.00/kg. According to some entrepreneurs who have great fish feed, fish feed prices tend to be expensive because they still rely on raw materials imported from abroad. And if they use local ingredients, the price could be cheaper than the price of manufactured feed.

Some fish feed businesses in the area – the area, has begun to try to use local raw materials. Usually the raw materials used are adjusted to the availability of natural resources around the business location. For that you should select the business location close to the center of fish culture, because in addition to close to the market is also close to the source of raw materials.
Fish food produced from local raw materials, usually will produce a better product quality than food with imported raw materials. Local raw materials which can be used for the manufacture of fish feed include corn, fish meal, rice or wheat bran, soybean meal, fish oil, palm oil, minerals and amino acids. The most important ingredients containing protein, high nutritious, easily processed and refined, it does not contain toxins, and easily obtained in the area.
For manufactured food, adequate nutrition needed each fish. So the producers of feed mix for each – each fish, with different compositions tailored to the type of fish.
As an illustration, here we provide information 5 outlines the manufacture of pellets of fish, which we have quoted from the magazine edition of Business Ideas 04/September 2010.
1. Each – each ingredient (the main raw material to use fish), mashed with the help of hammer mill machine
2. After that, the material has been crushed then sifted
3. Material that is so, then the flour mixed in a suitable composition of each – each, and mixed in a mixer machine
4. In order to appear the aroma of feed, raw materials steamed in a steam device
5. Subsequently molded into granular pellets, using a pellet molding machine
6. And finally the cooling process, ie by drying of pellets using a blower.
For those of you that are located close to the center of fish, fish feed business potential for a lucrative match to try. Hopefully useful and successful greeting.

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