Worm Business

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According to some people worm is a disgusting animal. But who would have thought from this disgusting animal that someone could get billions of money. Do not believe? This is the true story experienced by Ranny Zarman owner of PT Vermindo International, which each month he can get a turnover of about 1 billion more than it produced medicine.
At first he only intended to be a worm farmer, but it was actually delivered on the production of traditional medicine / natural-based worms. He started his business in 1997. Previously he was an official secretary in 1995.
Beginning his business he bought 5 kg of worms from one of his friends in Cibinong, West Java at a price of 200 thousand / kg. Since then, little by little he was building cattle business. In the midst of his efforts that he was exposed to typhoid. And by drinking two drinks powder worms that he has made himself typhus subsided. Since then many sick people, both from the family and neighbors asking him worm powder. Seeing the high demand for typhoid medicine, Ranny seriously interested to pursue the production of traditional medicine of worms in 1997.

With a capital of about 11 million, he bought the worms as much as 1 million, for packing medicine bottles, empty capsule as well as the maintenance of a business license. At first he just produce as many as 30 bottles Vermint / the contents of 30 capsules per month in toll manufacturing. Seeing a growing business in 2000 he made his own factory with a scale home industry.
Worm-based medicine with the brand that he sold Vermint with 2 sizes, the size of the content in 30 capsule bottles for $ 38 thousand / bottles and small bottles of 10 capsules price of 17 thousand / bottle. Vermint excellence that is purely derived from the worm only and no side effects at all in taking it. Can be consumed by children from the age of 4 months, pregnant and lactating mothers. Types of worms he uses is the type of Lumbricus Rubellus useful to cure asthma, coughs, diabetes, migraine, arthritis, high blood pressure, low blood, blood circulation, reduce fever, relieve headaches, neutralizing toxins, soften and moisturize the skin, hair fertilizer , severe skin lesions / ulcers, mumps, inflammation of the brain, kidney stones, diarrhea, knker, disease, stroke and many more. But the best known is as a cure typhoid.

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