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Once you are interested in small ornamental fish with an interesting color that you see in the aquarium of your friend or relative?. Maybe some of us like the small size of ornamental fish. We can see more clearly in the stores that sell ornamental fish. Small fish are composed of various types, ranging from fish guppy, hickey or other types. One of the many interesting little fish is tetra fish. The fish has its own beauty that add to the atmosphere of harmony from the aquarium that we see. If we just like the decorative fish, it means that there are market opportunities that we can achieve. The demand for tetra fish will always be there and easy to absorb the market, in addition to the beautiful color and shape, the selling price is relatively cheap tetra fish. Consumer ornamental fish really like fish. Fish are more beautiful if we see in the huddle, it means tetra fish purchases by consumers more than one tail, so the need for very large tetra fish.


The types of fish known TETRA quite beautiful. The various types of tetra is known in Indonesia as Tetra Green, Blue Tetra, Silver Tetra, Neon Tetra and many others. In this paper, neon tetra type of issues that come from the American Amazon river, and has been breeding in Indonesia. Neon Tetra (Hyphessobryconnesi), ornamental fish belong to the group’s most interesting ornamental fish. His body was green striped red and blue throughout the body from the gills to its tail. Ornamental fish is easy to maintain, strong and not easy to sick or dead.

HOW culturing the

How to breed fish species is still quite difficult and requires perseverance and a long experience. As for culturing the fish is in need of certain conditions, among others:

1. Water should be sterile and acidic (pH lower than 6.4)
2. Glad in a dark place.
3. Temperature around 20 0 C

How to distinguish male and female is as follows:
1. Males: The form is rather long, straight neon lines
2. Females: short round and enlarged abdomen, slightly curved line


  1. Separate parent-parent neon tetra.
  2. Rainwater is collected and taken up to 2 weeks.
  3. Places that are used for breeding, the fish is cleaned and washed first with alum.
  4. Enter the rain water into the spawning place.
  5. Used as drops of water timber sour.
  6. 2 ~ 3 days left in place.
  7. Enter the crop or foliage to lay eggs the neon tetra.
  8. Enter tetra parent who has been separated first.
  9. Close the hole and give the place a little light in order to see the movements of the fish.
  10. If male and female look one another romp, then + 3 days later the eggs are seen attached to the leaves or roots that have been provided.
  11. Move the mother and covered with black cloth so no light coming.
  12. During the 3 days the eggs hatch the neon tetra.
  13. Children can be given fish food infusoria ie bacterial decomposition of the leaf cabbage that canker drop by drop.
  14. After + 2-3 weeks of the closing was allowed to reopen.
  15. Then the children will look tetra fish.
  16. In hot areas such as Jakarta should raise this done Tetra bathroom hawanya damp and cold.

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