Earthworm Benefits

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Earthworms, was not the animal that is foreign to our society, this animal looks so soft and for some people consider very disgusting. However, these animals have great potential for human life. Earthworms including lower animals because they do not have a spine (invertebrates). In Indonesia, earthworms are known there are three types, namely Africa worms, red worms, tiger worms and worm Necklace.
The role of earthworms actually been known since ancient times. An expert Greece, Aristotle, much attention to earthworms. He called the belly of the earth worm.
In the years 69-30 BC, the beautiful queen Cleopatra who was then ruling in Egypt banned the Egyptian earthworms move out of Egypt, even the farmers are forbidden to touch the worm because in those days regarded as the god of earthworms Fertility.
In Chinese classical records, earthworms called tilung or dragon land. This worm since time immemorial they use in a variety of herbs to cure various diseases.

A renowned scholar, Charles Darwin, has spent his time for almost 40 years to observe the life of earthworms. He referred to earthworms as a creature determinant of natural beauty and glamor of the earth. The farmers also have known for generations, that earthworms can increase the fertility of agricultural land.
In Indonesia, the benefits of earthworms are still very limited, is as animal feed or fish. However, in other countries earthworms are also useful as a drug ingredient, cosmetic ingredients, decomposition of waste and as human food.
Agricultural land containing earthworms in general will be more fertile because of soil mixed with manure earthworm is ready to be absorbed by plant roots. Earthworms in the soil will mix the organic material of sand or material between the upper and lower layers. This activity also causes organic materials will be mixed more evenly.
Earthworm excrement is also rich in nutrients. Agricultural experts overseas each year attracted by the movements of earthworms. They stated that the chemical content of the original land of dirt and worms much difference.
From the results of research experts forage, it turns out other than fish meal, earthworms can be used to feed livestock and fish. According to them, earthworm protein content higher than fish meal. In addition, the most complete amino acid content, not greasy, easy to digest and not reinforced so that the entire body is used.
In the world of traditional Chinese medicine, earthworms are used in potions to cure various diseases, among others, to relieve fever, to people with high blood pressure, bronchitis, rheumatic arthritis, toothache, and also to cure typhus.
In advanced industrial countries, earthworms have been exploited in the field of cosmetics. Earthworms extracted oil can be used as a moisturizer.
The use of earthworms as human food is generally mixed with other foods. In the Philippines, earthworms are used as material to make a meatball. Earthworms in the country have started preferably as a delicious meal. By: Dr Rochajat Harun Med


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