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Some kind of worm that bred:
• Lumbricus Rubellus
• Eisenia Feotida / Tiger Worms
• Perionix Worm / Worm Blue
• Worm Africa

Cage Preparation
Earthworms can live on air temperature 20 degrees Celsius and can be farmed in all regions with the optimal humidity for the growth and proliferation of earthworms between 15-30%.

First thing to do in worm farming is the manufacture of tarpaulins or similar enclosure. Cage worms can be made with size 200 x 40 x 60 cm, which made the shelves of high rise, a tarp or shelf. Building enclosure can also be without walls (open structure), model rack that is used among other storied Fishing Racks or Shelves lined Fishing (fishing rod rack is a rack made from tarpaulin or be nested in a row).

Parent Selection Worms

Select sires for worms ± 2-3 month-old seedlings with the characteristics of healthy broodstock among other adult worms which already has a bracelet (klitelum) on the front of the body, no smell and look fresh. Enter a seed into the growing medium in the form of worms cow manure that has been precipitated ± 2 weeks, Tapioca Flour, Cane Molasses, Wood Saw, and Casting.

Cow manure is great for weight growth and proliferation of worms. Input 1 kg of worms in a cage that was made. Mixed with sawdust that had been soaked in water to remove gum, Tapioca Flour, Molasses Sugar Cane and the smell of cow manure seeds and worms that have been deposited or have been blackened.

Feed given each day in the form of tofu waste, Waste Tempe, Tempe making residual water, cow manure is still in the fresh condition or still green, the compost from the garbage.

Within two weeks worms will lay eggs. Next 7-10 days each worm produces 1 piece of dirt, dirt oval shaped and measures approximately 1 / 3 of a match head. Cocoon was placed in damp areas. Within the cocoon will hatch 14-21 days. Each cocoon contains 2-20 eggs, but who can live on average about 4 tails. Mature egg will look yellowish, and should be separate from the parent worms with eggs.

Separation can be performed using lighting equipment because the worm is very sensitive to light, so the worms will gather at the top of the media. Then we just separate the worms with the medium. In addition to a more economical process by reversing the media and lift the breeding of worms and transferred to new media for farmed again.

For worm eggs left in the media given feed again until the eggs hatch. After 1 month of the eggs will hatch into worms child, then after 2 weeks separate the children into new media worm. Media former child these worms can be made into fertilizer vermicompost. So for ± 3 months will produce 4 kg of worms ready to sell than 1 kg of broodstock. Replace the media in a period of 2 weeks during maintenance because it is so important to raise productivity. Period worm breeding productivity at least 40 days with spawning phase 2 to 3 times, counted as adults (ready to spawn), or about 2 months of age.

Pests Diseases
Earthworm breeding success can not be separated from control of pests and enemies of the earthworm, some enemies of pests and earthworms include ants, beetles, birds, centipedes, centipedes, flies, mice, frogs, squirrels, chickens, ducks, snakes, swans, leeches , lice, and others. Enemies are also feared the red ants that feed on earthworms feed containing carbohydrates and fat, which is required for fattening earthworms. Prevention of attacks carried out by red ants around the media were given sufficient water or coated in oil and kerosene in parts of the legs of the rack in the media worm.


Absorb worms that have been aged 3 months boxed / container wood / plastic that contains the media (such as maintenance of mixed media but less capacity.) Worms first settling in the shelter for at least 2 days, then worms live in the pack according to standard and ready for delivery. Packaging that is used in the form of boxes / containers made of wood or plastic that given the bulkhead and the holes or perforated basket made of plastic so the worms can withstand a 5-day trip.


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